Day Eight Hundred and Seventy of Unemployment-Fifty and Unemployed

Early Morning Run Downtown

I woke up early, looking forward to my run downtown to my weekly free yoga class. Although I had a little problem falling asleep last night, I still managed to get up in time. I was feeling a little sluggish and it took me a while to fully wake up before stepping outside.

I was running a little behind so that gave me the incentive to run faster. It was a nice morning and I was happy to run in this weather. There was just a handful of runners along the way. I can’t believe that this time next week, I’ll be running the Rock n Roll Half Marathon!

Free Yoga Class at Lululemon

I saw some friends before class and we had a nice chat. They said that they were going to do their usual weekly Grouse Grind hike after. We agreed that it was a nice day and that they should take advantage of the nice weather while we still had it.

Our yoga instructor today was somebody who had taught our class before. I like him because he’s a runner. He always points out alternate poses for the runners in the class. He mentioned that he sometimes leads the running clinic, too. I should check that out.

Ran Home

It was really sunny by the time I set off to run home. I was supposed to meet my friend at a fall bazaar not too far from my home so I ran really fast. There were quite a few runners on the bridge, I even encountered a big group of some runners.

I was quite sweaty by the time I got there. I walked through the bazaar but my friend was not there. I found out later than she was sick with the flu. I hope she wasn’t sick when I saw her last! I really need to stay healthy this week before the race next week!

Ran Downtown for Book Signing

I had to run back downtown because there was a book signing I had wanted to attend. Chris Guillebeau has been a role model for me. He has travelled to every single country in the world. I’ve always been able to relate to him as a fellow traveller though my 80 plus countries pales in comparison to his 193 countries.

He wrote a book, The $100 Start Up, which really resonated with me. When I read it, I came up with lots of ideas to start-up a business, but had trouble actually seeing them through. He’s written another book and then today, he was promoting his latest, The Happiness of Pursuit.

I ran to the downtown Chapters bookstore where he would appear. I was surprised that there were so many people by the time I got there. He gave a really inspiring talk before signing books. I had brought my $100 Start Up book and bought his latest so that I could get him to sign them. I was inspired even more, after hearing him speak. I hope that I can follow through with some of my ideas.

Ran Home

I ran home yet again. The weather was still clear. In total, I ran around 12 miles today. It’s a far cry from the 20 milers I used to do when I was training for the full marathon. I wonder if I’d even be able to do a long run? I think I’ll resume them once the half-marathon is finished.

More Computer Problems

I tried to do more work tonight but I was plagued with computer problems. I’m not even sure why I keep having these troubles but it’s driving me crazy. I wonder if I can take my laptop back to Geek Squad even though it’s past the 30 day guarantee. I wonder if I can persuade them to at least have a look. I really feel like I was ripped off.


Day Eight Hundred and Sixty Nine of Unemployment-Fifty and Unemployed

Birthday Outing with Aunt and Friends

I picked up my Aunt to meet up with friends to celebrate her birthday. We hadn’t met up with these friends for a few months so it was nice to see each other again.

It was a bit of a financial strain today because I treated her to lunch, gave her a few birthday gifts, including flowers. But she’s my only family here. I also had to buy a birthday gift for my cousin last week, too. So this month has been a little hard on me.

Acting Friend

One of the friends that we met up with today is somebody I met on set years ago. She got her acting credits to become a full member years before I did. But I haven’t seen her on set for a while now.

I asked her if she was doing any auditions or even doing any extra work and she said no. She said that she can’t be bothered anymore. She’s content with being retired full-time now. I wish I could say the same.

Former Stunt Man

I was talking to another one of my acting friends and asked about her son, who is a stunt performer. I hadn’t seen him much on set for a long time. She told me that he hadn’t done any stunt work or acting work for over a year. I was surprised to hear that.

She said that he was playing poker as a way to support himself. I was surprised! Not that he was playing professional poker so much but that he was able to make enough to support himself. She told me that his cousin got him into that and he also, was able to support himself by playing poker. That’s a fairly unconventional way to make a living.

Now, I’m not at all interested in how he manages to do this for myself, I’m just curious how an average person can do this. I always knew that he played poker, but I never knew that he was good at it. I wish that I could find something that could support me like that.

Pool Visit

On the way home, I stopped at the pool. I’ve been feeling guilty because I haven’t been taking advantage of my year’s pass. I’ve only used it three times now.

I had to really persuade myself to even go to the pool. I told myself that I’d really be able to relax if I went into the big hot tub pool. I want to get used to being in a pool setting because I want to start swimming lessons in anticipation of training for a triathlon next year.

Tried to Download Cloud Software

I thought that when I bought my new laptop all of my computer problems would go away. But I’ve found that I’m just as frustrated now as I was before. I’m not even sure what exactly is wrong with it.

I paid extra to have the geek squad make my laptop owner ready. But I just think it was a big cash grab. I tried to download some program that my brother had sent me but I couldn’t manage to do it.

I get so angry, just like I used to be with my previous laptop. I just give up and go lie down, feeling sorry for myself. I’m not sure how I’m going to get this fixed.


Day Eight Hundred and Sixty Eight of Unemployment-Fifty and Unemployed

Last Minute Call from Agent

Last night, when I got home from the movie, I saw that I had a message from my agent. He had called at 7:30 PM. He asked if I was available to work tomorrow and said that the gig could possibly mean another two days as well. I called him as soon as I could. I asked him if I was too late to be considered. He said that he’d check and then call me back.

I didn’t hear back from him so I just went to sleep. When I woke up this morning, I didn’t see any email but I did find out later when I checked the messages on my cell, that he had texted me at 4:30 AM to let me know that I was passed over. Oh well. I was hopeful and excited for a little while. But I never let myself be too happy until I have a firm booking and am actually driving there!

Early Morning Run in the Rain

I had to change days of my usual UBC gig from yesterday to today. I was looking forward to this run even though it was overcast and drizzly. I had another good run. I felt energetic and was able to run uphill with ease.

I was talking to the volunteer coordinator and was surprised to hear that he was from Taiwan. I told him that I used to live there years ago. I just happened to have a stopover in Taipei and didn’t know anything about the country. I didn’t even know what language was spoken! I ended up liking it and staying. I ended up working for a trading company and taught English to five-year olds for a year. I hadn’t thought of that job stint in such a long time.

Back in the day, I used to be such an enthusiastic go-getter. I used to juggle several part-time jobs while attending full-time school. I would land in a foreign country, not knowing anybody and then find a job easily. I was fearless.

Now, everything is such an effort. The only way I can work is to have somebody, my agent for example, go out and find me jobs. Where did that fierce go-getter girl go? It’s so sad to think that she has gone away.

Chilled from the Rainy Run

It was still raining when I finished and was running home. I felt just as good as I did this morning. I felt comfortable running at a fast pace despite the cold, wind and rain. Running at this faster pace did warm me up and I was shedding layers by the time I reached the gates of UBC.

Blood Pressure Check

I went for another blood pressure check. It was the lowest it had been in a long time. I took it a second time to make sure I saw the numbers right. I was really heartened to see the numbers.

I still can’t understand why my numbers were so high when I went to donate blood. But I will keep monitoring it. If anything, I feel great when I see the good numbers.

Mystery Shop Sign Up

My friend suggested yet another mystery shopping firm to sign up with. I signed up today. I didn’t have to worry about whether or not the company is legit, since my friend has already worked for them. From their listings, it looks like there is a lot less work involved than the present one that I’m working at, but you have to do several small jobs to accumulate much money.

Some of the jobs I saw were $8 here and there. I’m not sure how much of a report I’d need to submit for that $8. And if I’d have to travel to these different shops, that takes time and gas. Or, it’s likely that I’d run to the different places, like I used to do. Sounds like it could be an organizational nightmare. But I might as well try.

Day Eight Hundred and Sixty Seven of Unemployment-Fifty and Unemployed

Worked on Brother’s Job Application

It was another gloomy, overcast day. I wanted to finish my brother’s job application this morning. I was working on it and then I got so frustrated with the document I was using. It’s a free open source document offering but it does not work very well. Or maybe I just don’t know what I’m doing.

My brother said that he would get a copy of Office for me. That is what I have been using for years. That’s what I’m most comfortable with. I just can’t afford it right now. It’ll help a lot if I can use that to do these applications.

Waited for Fire-Place Maintenance Guy

Today I had to wait for the fire-place maintenance guy. I had to make sure that I was not available on my online calendars for work. They gave us a 5 hour window. That drives me crazy to no end. Cable companies and others do the same thing, they can’t pinpoint a time of arrival.

He came earlier than I thought he would because a neighbor of mine did not answer his knock. He was fairly fast. We chatted a bit because my computer, where I was working, is not too far from where my fireplace is. I gave him a can of pop and he went to the next suite.

Online Retail Work

Now that I didn’t have the anxiety of waiting for the fire-place guy to arrive, I was able to relax a bit and do some work. Although I am still far from where I had planned to be by this time, I did manage to get some work done today.

I really have to concentrate on staying at my computer. I get so distracted working at home. I’ll be working and then I’ll remember something, jump up and go into another room. Or I’ll be on the website and then remember something and open a new window and check something out. I used to be better at working at home years ago. I wonder why I have such a short attention span now?

Short Run

I ran a short run to the theater. By that time, the weather was fine. It was not raining. It was overcast and a little cool-perfect weather for running. Since it was such a short distance, I concentrated on doing it at the fastest pace that I could.

I darted around people, dogs and watched cars before I got to the light to cross. By the time I got to the theater, I was drenched and exhausted. It’s not likely that I will ever have to do this fast pace, except maybe at the end of a race, when I’m approaching the finish line and want to give the impression that, that’s how fast I was going to whole way along!

Free Movie Preview, St. Vincent

My friend gave me passes to Bill Murray’s latest, St. Vincent. It was nice to see a lighter movie after the previous night’s war drama, The Fury. I invited friends I hadn’t seen for a while so it was nice to catch up with them.

The movie was nice, showcasing Bill Murray in his best ways. I’m really glad that I got passes for this movie. What was unusual with this film is that most of the audience stayed in their seats until the very end of the credits because it showed more of Bill Murray. Usually people start to leave when credits start. And when it was finally over, there was a rush of applause.


Day Eight Hundred and Sixty Six of Unemployment-Fifty and Unemployed

Ran Downtown

I’m not sure what I did all morning before it was time for me to run downtown for my meeting. I’ve been noticing that I somehow wake up and then for the next few hours, time goes by and I don’t have much to show for it.

It was a little rainy and I was bundled up for the weather. After a few minutes, I became quite warm. I managed to keep up a good pace the whole way down. By the time I got to the office, I was out of breath and felt satisfied with my run. I’m feeling more confident about my half-marathon coming up soon.

Actor’s Union Meeting

I was a little bit concerned about the meeting today. The last time I came, it was quite crowded. I didn’t even get a seat. I spent the whole time sitting on the floor. But this time, there weren’t too many members in attendance at all.

I made a promise to myself that I would try to make an effort to attend all union meetings if I wasn’t working. I have been good about it. I was disappointed that there weren’t more people. It made me think, is it because everybody else is working?

Library Visit

I had some time to kill so I went to the library. I checked my email and then just read for a while. I’m always curious about the people who are there during the day. Do they have jobs? Do they work at night? Do they work part-time? Don’t they have computers at home to use?

I only go to the library because I don’t have a smart phone to check my emails. And I go there to do any printing I need to do. I have around 5 printers at home but none of them work. All of the ink has dried out. It’s cheaper to buy a new printer rather than buy a new ink cartridge. I really need to get rid of them.

Free Movie Preview Screening, The Fury

I won another pass, this time to Brad Pitt’s latest, a World War 2 movie, The Fury. I had won passes to another movie, but it was a sappy romance so I opted for this drama instead. It was a really good movie and well acted. I’m glad that I went to this one. I think that it will be an Oscar contender, too.

Worked on Brother’s Job Application

I worked on my brother’s job application when I got home. I had intended to finish it but I still had more work to do on it. I was tired so I ended up just closing it and vowing to finish it the next morning. I’m not sure why I’m so tired. The deadline for applications is next week, so maybe I am just procrastinating.

Day Eight Hundred and Sixty Five of Unemployment-Fifty and Unemployed

Banking Problems

I was dreading having to contact one of my banks but decided that I had to do it today. I opened a bank account so that my Dad could transfer money to it as opposed to mailing me a cheque. I opened this account last year. It’s a no frills no fee account but it does not provide any statements nor a bank book to keep track of balances. All that I have is a bank card.

So I called to talk with somebody. I told the first person that I have not used this account much so I didn’t have a password. She put me into the automated system and then when I got the password, it didn’t revert back to her. I had to go back into the queue and wait another 10 minutes.

The next person I got was apologetic but he was not very helpful either. I asked him what I needed exactly to have money transferred from my Dad’s account to my account. He had to put me on hold three times. And in the end, I could tell that he wasn’t exactly sure of what needed to be done. He told me to tell my Dad to go to the bank and ask his branch in person! I was not satisfied but I just didn’t have to patience to go through the whole thing a third time.

It just irritates me to no end when I get such bad service when dealing with financial institutions. It makes me even madder knowing that people as inept as these two have a full-time job and me, who has so much more experience, is not working. I hate having to call banks.

Online Retail Research

I am the worst procrastinator. I know that part of it is definitely because I am too depressed to do things. I had promised myself that I would get my online retail store ready to go by September 1st and here it is six weeks later and I’m still far from that goal.

I’m barely even keeping up with my retail blog. Maybe I am just not cut out for being self-employed again. I did this years ago and was so enthusiastic about it that I’d be up in the middle of the night working. Now, I can barely look at things even once a day.

TV Commercial Gig

I drove the few blocks to my TV commercial gig. I was so happy to discover that it would be filming so close to home. They had originally said that it might be shot an hour’s drive from me.

They kept changing the call time last night. I got the final call time this morning. I was sort of glad that it would not be too early. I drove there even though it was close enough to walk but then if I got wrapped late, I’d rather be able to just drive home.

When I got there, I saw so many people I had worked with. It was almost like homecoming! It was nice to be able to chat with so many people and catch up with them. There are a few that I keep in touch with outside of work, but others whom I only see when we work together.

The crew took a long time to set up. So we all sat in holding for almost three hours. The weather was quite nice, so some people took their chairs outside. I got to socialize and even read before they finally brought us in to set.

The shooting itself took less than an hour or so. It was definitely an easy shoot. All we did was sit and then react according to what we were instructed to do. Before long we were wrapped and I was on my way home. I wish all my gigs were as easy as this one.

Day Eight Hundred and Sixty Four of Unemployment-Fifty and Unemployed

More Depressed on Thanksgiving Day

I woke up and started to feel depressed again. Apart from already feeling depressed because of the present state of my life, Thanksgiving has always been a sad holiday for me because my Mom passed away then.

It has been fifteen years since that day. It’s been especially weighing on my mind these past few days. I can’t believe that it’s been so long. I was here in Vancouver when I got that phone call from my brother in Winnipeg. Since then, I’ve not really done much during this weekend. Even if I do get invitations to Thanksgiving dinner, I’d rather just be alone.

Early Morning Run

I got up extra early because I was going to do a short run to the place where I was volunteering today. The weather forecasters said that it was going to rain so I dressed accordingly with lots of layers and water proof clothing. It’s worse to be volunteering than running in this kind of weather because you are standing there for hours with no chance of warming yourself up by running.

I managed to run fairly quickly. It’s not too far so I tried to run as fast as I could. If I was running the race then I wouldn’t be dressed with this much clothing on. By the time I got there my heart was pumping and I was nice and warm.

Turkey Trot 10K Volunteering

I’ve known about this race for quite a while but this was the first time that I thought that I should participate in it. The fee to run in it was too expensive at this late stage so I signed up to volunteer. Then, I could also see how it was so I could decide whether to maybe run the next year.

We were lucky because the rain held off during the whole race, from the fastest runner to the very last person. I was a course marshal and cheered the runners along. This was more of a leisure family run.

In the end, it was a good experience. In addition to the cotton volunteer t-shirt, I got a nice long-sleeved technical running top, too which was nice. If I didn’t run it, I probably would volunteer for it next year.

Mystery Shop Lunch

I met up with my friend outside the restaurant. I was glad that I was going inside the restaurant because it had started to rain. It wasn’t too crowded when we got there.

It was good to get together with my friend. She had invited me for a turkey dinner with her family this weekend but I declined. She brought me leftovers which I appreciated. When we arrived, it wasn’t busy at all.

Shortly after, the restaurant had filled up. We found out that our server was really the bartender but that it was so busy so that they gave him some tables to help with the rush. Our lunch took us a lot longer than usual.

Getting Ready for TV Commercial Tomorrow

I got an email from my extras agent about tomorrow’s TV commercial. First of all, they said that we would need to bring winter attire. Since it’s been getting colder, I needed to bring it out anyway, so it’s just as well.

I was happy to find out that the shoot was only a few blocks from my home! That’s so rare. In all the years I’ve been doing this, I’ve only had shoots close to me a handful of times. Productions usually like to film outside of the city in the suburbs.